The family property and its history

FEMYE counts with the family property of Grupo Ilorope for performing its activity, that owns traditional and centenary olive trees. The olive grove is situated inside an exclusive habitat highly suitable for the cultivation in the best possible conditions. The olive trees of the Group grow in the natural environment of “La Laguna Grande”, between the limits of Baeza and Mancha Real, in the county of Jaén, and by the shore of Guadalquivir river, a highly ecological value area for its wildlife.

This property is exceptional not only for its natural beauty but also for its awesome historical background. Since XVII century this land has been part of the ancient “Hacienda La Laguna”, and has been carefully cultivated, producing our select extra virgin olive oils. During XVIII and XIX centuries, outstanding figures from the Spanish royalty, like the “Marquisate of Laguna and Viana”, have been owners of the property. They came to create an olive grove complex of such relevance in this period that was visited in 1926 by the king Alfonso XIII to inaugurate its mills.

Set in this unique landscape you can find a Cortijo (cottage) that has been restored and adapted for the Group Ilorope, and is used to receive friends and clients.