SABOR D’ORO® selección de almazara

SABOR D’ORO® selección de almazara is a product that includes EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) from the high quality picual variety, selected from the best oils of our mill. It is presented in a very attractive glass bottle with a 360º label, with the objective of being competitive in prices without neglecting, at any moment, the high quality of our extra virgin olive oils.

Origin and description:

  • Location: natural environment ´La Laguna Grande´ inside ´La Comarca de la Loma´, at the shore of Guadalquivir river, Jaen.
  • Olive type: 100% Picual from centenary olive trees.
  • Color: green with golden glints.
  • Quality: extra virgin.
  • Acidity: <0,16
  • Harvesting date: November
  • Harvesting method: mechanical and electric picker, in an almost manually and artisan process.
  • Storage: stainless steel with nitrogen.
  • Suggestions of Storage: keep in a fresh place, protected from the light and heat.

Tasting note

SABOR D'ORO® selección de almazara presents a fruited fresh olive, fig leaf and tomato in the nose. In the mouth has a high aromatic intensity, dominating the almond that leaves a very pleasant sensation at the end. Fresh flavor, where bitter and spicy hints characteristic of the picual variety grown in a traditional olive tree in Jaen, can be noticed.

Tasting suggestions

In order to fully enjoy the Extra Virgin Olive Oil SABOR D'ORO® selección de almazara, it is recommendable to blend it mainly with pasta salad, ceviche, grilled cuisine, macerated and hunting meat, fried potatoes, cooked and coated foods, slow cooking and vegetable garnishes.

Recommended receipts

  • Fritter pumpkin with picual extra virgin olive oil.
  • Squash flower and tomatillo soup.
  • Spiced eggs with picual extra virgin olive oil.
  • ´Cocido madrileño´
  • ´Jardinera´ lentils with picual extra virgin olive oil.
  • Knuckle with picual extra virgin olive oil.


This product is available in 100ml, 250 ml and 500 ml, 750 ml* and 1 litre*. The annual availability of this line is unlimited. * The formats of 750 ml. and 1 litre are available depending on the order volume.  

Cultivation method

The extra virgin olive oils SABOR D'ORO® are obtained from an early harvest in our own centenary olive trees, situated in a natural environment inside the county of Jaen (Spain). The cultivation of our olive trees is made respecting the environment, and granting the quality through Integrated Production methods and the cold extraction, which allow us to own the Certified Quality Label of Andalucia.