The Company

FEMYE, S.L., an innovative company led by a young entrepreneur, dedicated to the selection and bottling of extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality. The company manages its activity in parallel with the family group Ilorope.

The selection of the best extra virgin olive oil for FEMYE, S.L. is made by Pedro Yera, supported by expert collaborators with a wide experience in the sector. They seek to adapt the product to the taste and preferences of the most demanding customers, that search particular flavors, as well as exceptional organoleptic qualities, that defines the extra virgin olive oils of the brand SABOR D’ORO.

The team

In this section we would like to recognize and honor the people that makes possible the FEMYE project as well as our product SABOR D’ORO. Our sincere gratitude to:

Ildefonso Yera
President of the group Ilorope and strong support of the project
Miguel Navarro
A whole lifetime dedicated to the olive oil production. A key person in the elaboration of the extra virgin olive oil
Mariela Chova
Quality and food safety manager at the mill, and expert in oil tasting.
Juan Amor
Oil tasting expert and manager at the bottling plant
Montserrat Vera
Administration Manager. Responsible for the full logistic and administration processes of the Project
Juan Porras
Honorarypartner of FEMYE.
Oil tasting expert and dear friend.
Tomas Haro
Honorarypartner of FEMYE.
Oil tasting expert and a great friend
Fernando de Vicente
Embajador de SABOR D'ORO. Buen degustador de aceite. Impulsor de nuestro proyecto y gran divulgador del mismo
Adrian Taciulescu
Honorarypartner of FEMYE, excellent oil tasting of our extra virgin olive oils and driver of the presence of our products in the social network
Montse Jódar
Communication and operations manager. Sommelier and disseminator of the AOVE culture.
Javi Torres
Foreman of the family property SABOR D'ORO
Juani Tello
Logistics operations manager
Mª del Carmen Gámez
Agricultural engineer, responsable for the integrated production at the familiar property SABOR D'ORO
Pablo García
Master of SABOR D'ORO mill
Florencio Sanchidrián
SABOR D’ORO international ambassador, worldwide ambassador of Iberian cured ham by the International Academy of Gastronomy. Strong supporter of our gastronomic culture, and AOVE lover