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SABOR D’ ORO Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is an oil obtained just from the olive tree fruit. The olive is harvested in the optimum ripeness moment, that in the case of pedro yera line is during the month of October and in selección de almazara is in November, period in which the content of oil by kg. of olive is very low. From the olives harvested in an early moment, we obtain about 50% less oil than we could get harvesting in a more advanced ripeness point of the product. We obtain an outstanding quality this way, favoring the emerald green color, exceptional fruitiness and unique taste.

Cultivation method used

The cultivation type used by SABOR D’ORO is the Integrated Production, a model that combines the conventional and the ecologic or biologic agriculture. This model of cultivation contributes to better respect the environment and gives more security to the conventional agricultural foods, and a bigger productivity than the ecological one. However, unlike the ecological agriculture, the integrated production not only exercises a strong control of pesticides and a schedule for the farming operations applied, but also carries out the treatment control of the soil, trees, harvest and oil elaboration. This way, it ensures at any time the quality of the products, the respect for the environment and assures the suitability of a healthy product.

These activities are supervised by experts, by external agricultural technical personnel pertaining to the Integrated Production Association, and controlled by the Administration, that allow us to exhibit the seals of ´Producción Integrada de Andalucía´ and ´Calidad Certificada de Andalucía´. The integrated production is a sustainable development method adopted by the FAO.

The EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

To elaborate its quality EVOO, SABOR D’ORO is very demanding with the process quality, the olives are collected carefully and translated to our mill to be processed by a very special production line, certified by “Producción Integrada”. The whole process of extracting the oil from our olives is made by ´cold extraction´ at room temperature. This process, in addition to extract only the part of oil contained in the olive, ensures the obtained oil to be more viscous and to maintain and enhance all the oil organoleptic qualities, its smell and taste. At the end by this means we obtain an extra virgin olive oil of supreme quality.

The extraction of SABOR D’ORO EVOO is performed uniquely and exclusively through mechanical procedures that incorporates the latest technology. A daily integral cleaning of the machinery used is effected, as well as of the whole channeling where the oil produced is pumped back to the point of storage.

This set of processes including since the agricultural forms and technics to the methods of production is the fact that enables SABOR D’ORO to obtain its extra virgin olive oils, with a flawless taste and smell, and free of defects, with a degree of acidity around 0,1 and always less than 0,2 (expressed in free oleic acid, grams for each 100 grams of oil). Having an organoleptic valuation without comparison, giving by a qualified and approved panel test, that gives 0 defects and a median of the fruity attribute, that is always located at least in the medium range from 6,5 to 7


Within the olive oils, the extra virgin olive oil is the real olive juice.

The excellent guaranteed quality of SABOR D´ORO EVOO converts it into a highly healthy product, very suitable for any balanced diet.

SABOR D´ORO recommends his extra virgin olive oil for the following main reasons:

  • It’s a 100% natural juice.
  • Is the base of the Mediterranean diet.
  • The principal fatty acid is Oleic Acid.
  • It’s the antioxidant by excellence.
  • Prevents cardiovascular sickness and decreases hypertension.
  • Is the best natural anti-inflammatory.
  • Enhances the immune system.
  • Lowers blood cholesterol levels.
  • It’s more digestive.
  • Skin natural regenerative.
  • Favors the absorption of minerals.
  • Reduces blood glucose levels.
  • Antioxidant and Chemo preventive.