The Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) that we elaborate comes out just from the fruit of our centenary olive trees of picual variety. We collect the olives in the optimum ripeness moment , that in the case of the line SABOR D’ ORO® by pedro yera is during October and first days of November, and in SABOR D’ ORO® selección de almazara is in November. The oils of VITALOLEUM® line are usually elaborated from olives collected during the month of December.

The amount of oil obtained from olives collected in an early period is approximately 50% of the oil extracted in advanced state of maturing of the fruit. However, an extraordinary quality EVOO is obtained this way, enhancing the colour, the aroma and the organoleptic characteristics of this type of oils.

Cultivation method used

The cultivation method we use in our family property is the ‘Integrated Production’, a process that guarantees the environment care, the quality and the food safety of the products obtained, that for this reason have been certified accordingly by the corresponding Administration.

This cultivation type is monitored by external agricultural expert technicians belonging to the Integrated Production Association, controlled by the Public Administration of Andalucía (Spain), which performs periodic tests and inspections that allow us to exhibit the ‘Producción Integrada de Andalucía’ and ‘Calidad Certificada de Andalucía’ seals. The Integrated Production is a method of Eco sustainable agricultural development that has been adopted by the FAO.

El AOVE (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

FEMYE, S.L. is very demanding with the quality of the whole production process of its AOVE. The olives are harvested by extremely cared semi-manual techniques and carried to our private mill: CORTIJO DE LA LOMA. There, the olives are treated by a special production line called ‘Alimentary Line’, approved to be used in the ‘Integrated Production’. The whole process employed to extract the oil from the olives is made through ‘cold extraction’, at a temperature lower than 20ºC. This type of process decreases the amount of oil obtained per kilogram of olive, but strength its quality and organoleptic attributes.

By this means we can obtain supreme quality oil.

The EVOO extraction is performed only with the latest generation procedures, effecting every day a full clean-up of all the machinery used in the daily process, as well as all the pipelines that conducts the oil elaborated to its storage point.

This set of processes, that includes the agricultural techniques as well as the production methods, is what enable us to obtain oils with a perfect aroma and taste, free of defects, and with top values granted by laboratories and qualified tasting panels.

Within the olive oils, the extra virgin olive oil is the real olive juice.

The excellent guaranteed quality of SABOR D´ORO® and VITALOLEUM® EVOO converts it into a highly healthy product, very suitable for any balanced diet.

SABOR D´ORO® and VITALOLEUM® recommends his extra virgin olive oil for the following main reasons:

  • It’s a 100% natural juice.
  • Is the base of the Mediterranean diet.
  • The principal fatty acid is Oleic Acid.
  • It’s the antioxidant by excellence.
  • Prevents cardiovascular sickness and decreases hypertension.
  • Is the best natural anti-inflammatory.
  • Enhances the immune system.

  • Lowers blood cholesterol levels.
  • It’s more digestive.
  • Skin natural regenerative.
  • Favors the absorption of minerals.
  • Reduces blood glucose levels.
  • Antioxidant and Chemo preventive.