The Mill

The family group is a shareholder of the mill, or olive factory, ´Cortijo de la Loma´, also located in the landscape of ´La Laguna Grande´, where excellent extra virgin olive oils are produced and bottled, they are characteristic of the area of Jaén, world oil capital.

Our mill is equipped with the most modern facilities and production and bottling systems, guaranteeing the grinding process of our best olives in the most suitable conditions, as well as a delicate process of packaging.

The bottling plant of ´Cortijo de la Loma´ has the highest official sanitary credentials requested by the Spanish Estate for the food handling (sanitary register number 16.0003300/J).

The production processes that elaborate our products have the quality credentials ISO 9001, ISO 22000, Global Standard for Food Safety Issue and COID 3986.

Thanks to our modern facilities the extra virgin olive oil SABOR D’ORO is bottled in a protective atmosphere, this type of packaging allows our extra virgin olive oil to stay cool and in optimum conditions inside its bottle with the minimum manipulation. The settings of a controlled atmosphere enable a longer storage, without being necessary to add chemical preservatives or stabilizers.