FÓRMULA EMPRESARIAL YERA, S.L. (FEMYE, S.L.) owned by the Yera Family, is an innovative company dedicated to  Extra Virgin Olive Oil production and marketing.

The Yera Family, originally from Mancha Real (Jaén, Andalusia), has been taking care of olive trees for generations. These tradition lives inside each bottle produced by SABOR D’ORO. True to their roots, they produce the best oils with effort and passion.

On the olive grove cultivation, the Yera Family uses innovative and environmentally friendly techniques, thanks to the experience of generations of farmers producing olive oil in Jaén.

At SABOR D’ORO we believe that excellence and leadership are not only achieved with the quality of our products, but also being committed to the world in which we live. For this reason, our company works to ensure equal opportunities and a more just society. Our principles are based on human, labour and environmental rights.


Para su actividad FÓRMULA EMPRESARIAL YERA, S.L. (FEMYE, S.L.) performs its activity in the traditional centenary olive trees from the family state. The olive grove is located inside an exclusive habitat highly suitable for the cultivation in the best possible conditions. The olive trees grow in the natural environment of “La Laguna Grande”, between the limits of Baeza and Mancha Real (Jaén), and by the shore of the Guadalquivir River, a highly ecological value area for its wildlife.

This property is exceptional not only for its natural beauty but also for its interesting historical background. Since XVII century this land has been part of the ancient “Hacienda La Laguna”, and has been carefully cultivated. During XVIII and XIX centuries, outstanding figures from the Spanish royalty, like the “Marquisate of Laguna and Viana”, have owned of the state. They came to create such a relevant olive grove complex that was visited in 1926 by King Alfonso XIII to inaugurate one of the mills.

Set in this unique landscape there is a Cortijo (farmhouse) that has been restored and adapted for the Yera Family, and is used for the reception of friends and customers.


The Yera Family is a shareholder of the Almazara or oil mill LA LOMA, S.L., which is also located in the natural area of La Laguna Grande, surrounded by olive trees and very close to the family state.

LA LOMA, S.L., where our EVOOs are produced and bottled, is without any doubt one of the best mills of Spain as has been mentioned by the famous guide FLOS OLEI. It has been awarded by the quality certificates: ISO 9001, IFS Food Certificate, BRC Food Certificate and has FDA register.

The Mill is fitted with the latest equipment and production systems. which allows that the olive grinding process is performed in the optimum technical conditions. All this is monitored by an expert team, that controls all the steps of the process, supervising and ensuring the quality of the obtained EVOOs, that made them unique in the world, with the aromas and tastings so characteristic of Jaén, worldwide capital of the oil.