SABOR D’ORO by pedro yera TRADICIÓN (Unfiltered) - Box 6 units


SABOR D'ORO by pedro yera TRADICIÓN, a selection of Pedro Yera, is a limited-edition olive oil thought for those traditional olive oil lovers. Also available in special RAMA version or unfiltered, as it was consumed in the past, preserves the whole pulp flavour of the olive in it.





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  • Box 6 units

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SABOR D’ORO® by pedro yera TRADICIÓN




SABOR D’ORO by Pedro Yera Tradición is the result of the tradition of generations of olive producers that is are summarized in this premium bottle with an intense flavor and a dark green color.

Inside can find the best oil of the season, the family reserve, obtained with the selection of olives on the first day of harvest in October. This makes it a very special oil both for its high chlorophyll content, hence its vivid, intense green color, and for its exceptional organoleptic properties.


SABOR D'ORO® by pedro yera TRADICIÓN, an olive oil of great personality, has and itch and bitterness very present in the mouth, fine and intense aroma characteristic of the Picual variety .

The palate presents a strong personality, something characteristic of the early oils from Jaén, with a velvety itching that appears progressively in the retro nasal cavity reaching a high pleasant and persistent level. The green nuances that appeared in the mouth appear again in the nose, although this time with a light touch of artichoke and green almond.



This product is available in 500 ml glass format.